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Posted By On 03 Feb 2014
Be hoteliers in Venice remains a privilege, because living and offer hospitality in the most beautiful city in the world is always one thing only.
I do not know whether it depends on the general crisis, I do not know if things go hand in hand, but Venice is making life increasingly hoteliers ‘ difficult and problematic. We say that the golden years are now gone, there was questions about tourism trends and new market strategies because Venice was constantly visited by millions of visitors.
Now, in addition to the general crisis, we also simette the municipality with its “tax”, which weighs heavily on the cost of your stay directly on the host, while the proprietor is in fact a duty, inter alia, embarrassing, to ask this additional payment, sometimes unexpected.
And in fact the boss turns into “financial agent”, as it gets public money, which is then turned over to the municipality on a quarterly basis. Without any charge, without any gratitude, indeed very savory with fines in the event of errors.
The town with this money is intended to improve the service for tourism, improving the city, public services and of course increase the events in Venice in order to make up for the low season, perhaps, I say, by inventing a biennial in winter, or special event …. and instead? nothing, goes to cover budget holes.
But then, why don’t you put the toll at ponte della liberta ‘ or at the airport and gets them ‘ directly?
For extra tourists, we reiterate that the cost of tax in Venice and ‘ variable structure structure, the Old Inn, rooms of Ima category, the city tax is € 2.50 per person per night in high season and EUR 1,25 per person per night in low season.

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