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Posted By On 03 Feb 2014

The incident happened recently near the Rialto where German tourist who was performing a Gondola died, is an event that has shaken us all.

Death is always a point at which to stop and, as well as to share the dramatic moments everything that entails, and to approach the bereaved family, make us reflect on the incredible perennially unstable equilibrium in which pour our city.

An unstable equilibrium, as the same gondola, the city’s symbol, most built by its nature, such as Venice, which had its beginnings when the boats still sailing and had no engines, but now must adapt to a reality linked to speed, hit-and-run tourism and at the same time with a fulfilling life, i.e. move goods and supply shops.

So then the Grand Canal it causes congestion of traffic, a traffic alert but unexpected in no one can ever know what can happen.

What needs to be done? Ask for more and more security rules?

Certainly, I personally right now if you asked you a ride in a gondola would do to the canals and channels nasco sti of Venice, for me the most romantic places and suggestive.

But if today was a small gondola, we have to be careful and think about tomorrow, because each day entering and leaving in bacino San Marco of enormous cruise ships too large compared to that for which Venice was created, i.e. small sailing impbarcazioni, at the time of the Serenissima.

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