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Posted By On 03 Feb 2014

“Antico Fiore goes social!” is the new motto this season. But what exactly does this mean that an Hotel intensifies its presence in social networks?
The need of  voyagers and has become increasingly delicate, 15 years ago, when there was the boom of accommodation in Venice, it was enough to make a sparkling and animated web site and the game was made, the customer was charmed by sequins and reserved.
Then if the reality was different was not a proble for the hotel, because the market was growing and, they said, full of other visitors.
We’ve seen arise close to us hundreds of structures that have closed because in the end, what counts for a structure is  hospitality not a nice website.
Today travellers communicate, write and hold, offer tips and tricks and also read obviusly and inform on the net before they book, because they want what they spend for staying in Venice has the most value.
Here is that it is important for us to keep in touch with our guests, to continue the dialogue that we have established during your stay, in order not to lose sight of, not to feel a little parenthesis of a few days but a lasting experience, which will remain in the memories of a trip.
Facebook is the easiest way to achieve all this, leveraging on words such as “like”, “friendship” and “sharing”, words that unite, words that cement relationships that you create many kilometers away.
So we invite all those who simply visit our website to sign up to our FACEBOOk page, also because we often offer coupons, we have fun with some games and learn to know each other and stay in touch.
Here you can see the FACEBOOK PAGE of Antico Fiore

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