Vogalonga 2013

Posted By On 03 Feb 2014
The Vogalonga 2013, now at its 39/ma Edition, presented to his departure 1700 boats with  7000 rowers. A true record, although the weather was not happy. One reason more to see that it has become a very important appointment for the Venetians and not only that, being one of the few non-competitive races.
A moment for celebration, aggregation, created to bring out the wave problem in Venice, but that took a particular history and connotation.
Any type of boat is welcome, all ages and sex, a real tribute to Remus, which the Venetians living in a festive atmosphere for the whole family.
World Party of oar, this year I saw crews of all Nations: British, from Eastern Europe, French and German.
Thirty kilometres long rowing lagoon channels, departure from the bacino San Marco at 9 o’clock, arrival at Punta della Dogana after the Grand Canal.
Will you be here next year?

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